7 Things You MUST Know About Walmart Credit Card


Walmart is the world’s largest retailer. It accepts all kinds of cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc. But very few people are aware that Walmart issues its own credit card too. It’s very useful for those who regularly shop at their store or buy online.

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Things to Know about Walmart Credit Card

Here are 7 things you need to know about Walmart Credit Card.


Before we delve deeper, let’s take a quick look at the these Credit Cards. Walmart issues two types of credit cards:

  • Store Only card: You can use this card only at Stores with Walmart affiliation
  • Mastercard: You can use this card where they accept Mastercard

In both cases, customers earn the same reward points for their purchases made.

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  • One will get 3% cashback on purchases, be it online or offline
  • You receive 2% cashback from the purchases made through Murphy USA or from Walmart Gas Stations
  • You receive 1% cashback for the rest of the purchases.

Sometimes these cards also offer sign up bonus too. For example, you are getting 10% cashback on your first purchase. These rewards don’t expire as you are receiving the cashback on each statement.

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How to Apply

 These are the way through which one can apply for the this Credit Card:

  • At Walmart store: Carry the necessary formalities along with you, which is generally a valid photo ID to your nearest Walmart store. The cashier will scan through your documents, and after feeding the required information into his system, he will issue the credit card

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  • Apply in-store at jewelry kiosk: In case you are looking forward to some privacy during the issuance of the credit card. You can visit Walmart’s jewelry kiosk, which is located on the store’s premises only
  • Walmart.com: By simply visiting the site walmart.com, you can apply for the credit card
  • Mobile app: Download the mobile app of Walmart from play store or app store. Create the account and complete the credit card application after the completion of necessary formalities.

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After applying for the credit card from whichever medium above, you will receive a shopping pass. That pass is valid only for 24 hours, and you can shop it only from that medium through which you have applied for the credit card.

You should be aware of your credit score before applying. Creditkarma.com is the site which can be used to identify your credit score. The one’s who obtains high credit scores are likely to get Walmart Mastercard, which you can use at any place subject to the condition that they accept MasterCard.

The one’s who obtains low credit score are likely to get Walmart credit card, which can be used exclusively at Walmart stores.

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For instance, your credit card application is rejected, you will receive a mail from Walmart stating the grounds of the rejection. You should read those reasons carefully as these are the areas which need to be perfect. If you are not satisfied with the reasons  in the mail, there will be contact information in that mail in which you can tell about your grievance and get that information correct.

Another option is to ask them to reconsider your application. Make your case stronger by preparing some points, and you can call the card issuer and ask them to reconsider their decision of rejection of your application.

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Where can one use Walmart Credit Card?

You can use this Credit Card at Walmart stores, Walmart’s website, Walmart Gas stations, Murphy USA Gas stations, Walmart neighborhood markets.

You can use Walmart MasterCard anywhere subject to its acceptance.

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How to Sign Up for Walmart’s Reward Program?

You are automatically enrolled for Walmart’s reward program as soon as you get approval for the credit card.

Can one make a Payment on Walmart’s Credit Card?

You can make a Payment on this credit card in-store at the customer service desk. The payment takes 48 hours to update in the system.

How much time does it take to know about the Approval of the Walmart’s Credit Card?

You will receive an instant communication about your acceptance or rejection of credit card application if not then check it by dialing 1-877-969-3668.

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