7 Things About The Old Navy Credit Card [Must Know Facts]


Old Navy, founded on March 11, 1994, an American clothing and accessory retailing company owned by the multinational organization Gap Inc. is known for its affordable yet stylish range of products. The name comes from Old Navy Café, a bar situated in Paris, France. Like many other retailing companies, Old Navy Credit Card are available to its customers. The issuer bank of these cards is Synchrony Bank, which is owned by General Electric.

The cards are usually issued at the checkout corner in many stores to the new customers but can also be applied for online. The company provides two kinds of cards to its customers, first is the store credit card and the second one is the Visa credit card. The store card is easy to get, but you can get a Visa card with exceptional credit. The terms and conditions applied to vary up to a small level among these two cards. The management and payment of these cards can be made simple and easy by using the website of Synchrony Bank.

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7 Things About The Old Navy Credit Card

Here are seven things about the Old Navy credit card that you should know.

Reward points on Old Navy Credit Card

For every $1 spent at Gap Inc. owned brands, the customer gets 5 points and 1 point for every purchase of $1 at all other stores accepting Visa cards.

You will receive the points within two billing cycles.

Earning Reward Points

With your Old Navy Visa credit card, you can earn rewards at any place where Visa is acceptable. You can us th Old Navy store card only at Gap owned stores like Athleta, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Gap.

The company lets the customer earn 500 points each for completing two tasks. The first task is to provide an email address on the website, which enables the customer to know about the latest offers. The second task includes not using paper for the bill, which means going paperless.

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Benefits of Gaining 5000 Points

Earning 5000 points in a calendar year gives you the status of an ‘elite’ Navyist which makes you eligible for some extra perks by the company on the conditions that the account must continue to be open, in good standing and not become delinquent.

These benefits include:

  • 20% reward bonus every quarter
  • Free shipping on online orders for any Gap owned store
  • A dedicated customer care service number
  • Free basic alteration on Banana Republic purchases

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Fee Charges

The Old Navy does not charge any annual fee from its customers. But the Annual percentage rate (APR) charge is high. The ongoing APR is 28.49% variable. The minimum charge interest is about $2, and late fee charges are up to $39.

Redeeming the Rewards

The application of the rewards on the store purchases at the stores owned by Gap Inc.

For every 500 points owned, the customer gets $5. The rewards can be go up to $50 at a time and a maximum of $250 per billing cycle. Any extra rewards above $250 during a billing cycle automatically get to the next cycle.

The rewards get expired after two years of last purchase.

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Old Navy Credit Card for Foreign Transactions

You can use the Old Navy Visa credit card outside of the United States with a nominal payment of around 3% of the total purchase as a foreign exchange fee.

Cash Withdrawals

The company charges $10 or 4% of the transaction (whichever is greater) for withdrawing cash through the Old Navy credit card. The permission for Cash withdrawals are not there on the store credit card.

The added benefits that the customers get while using Old Navy credit cards are:

  • 20% off on the first purchase
  • 60 days 10% saving pass
  • Bonus point shopping days
  • Special discounts and promos
  • Cardholder inquiry service
  • Lost or stolen card complaint report
  • Emergency card replace and cash disbursement
  • Zero fraud liability
  • Banking on the go
  • Year-end summary statement
  • Chip and signature technology
  • Addition of an authorized user
  • Special birthday savings
  • $10 reward certificate for signing up

With the Old Navy credit card, you can also get auto rental collision damage waiver which provides coverage for rented vehicles against damage and theft and also roadside dispatch. A service for roadside emergencies and travel and emergency assistance services which assist with tasks like emergency transportation, sending messages, replacing tickets, and finding lost luggage.

If you do not shop at Old Navy or any other Gap  stores often, then it is less likely that the Old Navy Credit Card by the company will be of much worth to you.

Beware of all the terms and conditions before applying for any credit card and read them thoroughly.

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