JCPenney Credit Card | Things to Know Before Getting


JCPenney is a symbol in the retail business and one of the nation’s most seasoned retail establishments. JCPenney credit card given by Synchrony Bank is to incent and reward faithful customers, as such with beginning buy limits, expand profit in the JCPenney Rewards Program and unique special financing for enormous buys. In any case, since you can just utilize the card at JCPenney, your reward procuring and recovery choices are restricted. 

All About JCPenney Credit Card

JCPenney offers its very own card for clients to use coming up and on the web. Notwithstanding heaps of markdown choices and elite investment funds openings, JCPenney cardholders likewise get extra rewards through the brand’s reliability program.

If you are an eager JCPenney customer, you could profit by being a cardholder. What’s more, since credit cards are simpler to get, you may qualify with a not precisely flawless record of loan repayment. This makes the JCPenney card useful for structure credit, although you ought to be cautioned that the high 26.99% APR and the precarious $38 late expense punish the individuals who convey an equalization or make late installments. 


While the prizes for the judicious JCPenney customers are many, the card doesn’t generally replace decent rewards or cashback Mastercard that offers progressively adaptable procuring and reclamation choices.

 What You Get

  • First Purchase Discount: Receive a fifteen% bargain on your buy on the day of your card approval.
  • Shopping Certificates: Spend $2 hundred at JCPenney and get hold of a $10 shopping certificate.
  • Special Financing: Cardholders qualify for the cutting-edge defer-interest promotional financing offer which allows massive purchases to be repay over the years.
  • Double customer Rewards Points: Cardholders receive 1 point in line with a dollar spent at JCPenney versus 1 point consistent with $2 spent for regular JCPenney Rewards Program contributors.

Customer Perks

Customer perks start with a club inside the JCPenney Rewards Program and improve by having the JCPenney credit card. General individuals without the credit card get hold of one factor for each $2 spent at JCPenney no matter payment technique. Cardholders earn rewards two times as fast because purchases at JCPenney made at the JCPenney credit score card earn one factor in keeping with a dollar spent. Once two hundred factors were collect, a $10 JCPenney shopping certificates are a issue. There is a restrict of 2,000 points that can earn according to month. Members can earn Gold and Platinum’s reputation by spending tiers of $500 and $1,000 respectively. Benefits encompass bargain coupons, birthday shopping certificates, special member activities, and personal cut price purchasing days.

In-Store Financing

When you get authorization for a JCPenney credit card, you’ll receive unique promotional financing gives for qualifying large purchases. The gives range extensively depending on the amount of the purchase and the promotional offer in effect on the time of your approval. These promotional financing offers to let you spread out reimbursement of your big purchase over 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, or even 60 months. If minimum payments are on time and the stability pays off through the deadline, waives off. If you make blunders or pass over bills, retroactive hobby from the date of buy may be implement.

Reductions and Financial Savings Days for Cardholders 

Cardholders are dealt with to greater possibilities to store that are distinct to them. Regardless of what popularity you have, you may take benefit of more than one hundred fifty special savings days every year.

The APR is High

Like many save credit score playing cards, the interest charge for the JCPenney Credit Card is fantastically excessive. Of route, you may avoid those charges with the aid of paying off your stability in full each month. But if you assume, you would possibly convey a balance in this card, continue with a warning with excessive interest quotes, your balance may want to balloon quickly.

JCPenney Stores and Associated Manufacturers

The JCPenney Credit Card can be handiest for in-store purchases, those made through JCP.Com, or with associate manufacturers. For example, you could use your card on the JCPenney salon, optical middle, or picture studio. You also can use it to store it at Sephora.Com.

You’ll Face High Expenses for Late Bills

There are two tiers of expenses for overdue bills. If you’ve been on time with your bills for six months, you’ll will be charge a $27 overdue payment rate. If you’ve been past due as a minimum once in the past six months, that fee jumps to $38.

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Double the Rewards on the Usage of Your JCPenney

Every cardholder enrolls inside the JCPenney Rewards program. This is a points-based totally device that generates a $10 reward for every 200 factors earned. When you use your JCPenney Card, you earn points on a 1:1 basis for certified purchases. For all different fee strategies, you earn on a 0.5:1 foundation. This manner, you earn double the points when you swipe your JCPenney Card.

Programmed Rewards When You Procure Enough Focuses 

With this card, you don’t need to stress over trading in for money your focuses. A reward testament is naturally given through email or mail (contingent upon your favor strategy for conveyance) and is additionally open through your record at 

Prizes declarations must utilize for JCPenney buys. Furthermore, however, your focuses don’t have a lapse date, your prizes declarations will terminate in at least 45 days. Try to make a note to what extent you need to utilize your $10 in real money back. 

Additional Advantages With Gold and Platinum Status 

Gold and Platinum JCPenney cardholders get some extra advantages past what’s recorded previously. With Gold status, you get all that you would as a standard cardholder, in addition to a $10 birthday coupon. A passbook of extra coupons and unique offers, including a “Pick Your Sale Day.”With Platinum status, you get all that, in addition to a $15 birthday coupon (rather than $10), selective Platinum. Appreciation deal days with 30% off, and twofold focuses. Buys made with your card for Sephora items purchased through JCPenney. 


If you are a frequent JCPenney customer, you may profit by the prizes advertised. If you additionally exploit the exceptional reserve funds offered just to credit cardholders, you will get much more from the card. The off chance that you aren’t a successive Penney customer, however, the card departs little to be want, as you can’t utilize it somewhere else and you won’t acquire any cashback rewards.

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