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Companies issue credit cards to users based on the concept that when the cardholder makes any purchases using a credit card. They are promising to pay the merchants for the amounts shopped for, plus any other agreed-upon charges. There are many types of credit cards, and these days they come with a host of offers and benefits. The broad division of Credit cards may be into four main categories of rewards, secured, low interest, and balance transfer. Home Depot Card comes into picture here.

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Home Depot Credit Card

A customer uses the Home Depot Credit Card for shopping for specific items at specific stores. It cannot be used in any other location and is a store credit card. All your fancy home improvement and décor ideas can see the light of day. This can happen if you own a Home Depot Card. This perfectly ideal for shoppers who are regulars at stores and need some respite for paying off dues on large purchases.


Although these cards could prove a boon to many, there is a trick to using them to your benefit and not mounting substantial interest rates in the process. It is advisable to use this credit card to invest financially. Invest where you have a scope of a good return on investment or ROI. However, trying to make credit purchases for any random item may prove to be a significant financial burden due to the mounting interests with no returns.

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5 Most Important Things to Know About Home Depot Credit Card

  • Among several alluring features of a Home Depot Credit Card, the deferred interest is an attractive draw for many. This is the chief marketing point where the user gets the partial interest of 6 months on the particular purchase value.

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  • The main feature of this card is directed at any large-scale home project and waived off interest facility, which the customer can pay later, proves to be quite beneficial. The idea is to clear off the balance amount at the 6-month point. Thus stave off any additional accumulation of interests.
  • One more point to see is that even if they have chosen not to avail the deferred interest deal, usually cardholders do not wish to carry the burden of a balance sum from a month to month period which is another plus with these cards.
  • For new users, there are attractive discounts and several offers in place usually for first -time in-store purchases. For home depot loyal customers, these deals could run-up to a few hundred dollars, which is a respectable amount.
  • Buyers with home depot credit cards can also avail a more extended return period and enjoy exclusive offers. This offer aims at easing the monetary burden and spacing out purchase spending.

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  • Home depot credit cards could be any of the four varieties. The consumer credit card, project loan, commercial account, and commercial revolving. Each of them arrives with a set of benefits and exclusive advantages, designed especially for home depot regulars. The project loan card is available for customers and is aimed to aid in more significant projects. Projects like setting up a pool or jacuzzi, remodeling a condo, reworking the kitchen, etc.

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More Things to know about Home Depot Credit Card

Subject to certain terms, one can easily save up to a 100 USD and also enjoy the 6-month everyday special financing feature. This feature is available on purchases of 299 USD or more using the offers on consumer credit cards.

Cardholders can also claim offers on purchase of certain brands of sheds and garages, installing fences, lawn master pergolas, etc. A standard cashback home depot credit card unlike the other credit cards from Home Depot offers guaranteed cashback. It also provides more reliable privileges on all purchases.

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There is no annual fee on these cards. Also another advantage is that cardholders can enjoy up to 24 months financing during special promotional offers. Usually, the Consumer credit card from Home Depot offers a discount of 10 percent.

This discount is a small sign-up bonus. You can use this discount on the next Home Depot in-store purchase. Typically, for time-sensitive projects that need purchasing from Home Depot, one could easily save a decent sum by waiting for the promotional events to kick off.

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The Consumer Credit Card from Home Depot is more useful for occasional shoppers who are irregularly customers at the store. Such buyers do not have any large-scale projects lined up and usually buy basic everyday stuff.

The Project Loan Card is best for buyers who need funds immediately. Maybe for a big up-scaling project or remodeling work and wish to finance their procurement at a low fixed-annual percentage rate of APR.

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Additional Offers

Additionally, there are exclusive offers for credit cardholders along with the facility of 1-year hassle-free returns. Usually one can return any item purchased from Home Depot within the stipulated period of three months, post-purchase.

But all purchases made using the Home Depot Card, cardholders get an extra period which is almost four times the average return period. In instances when you’re buying something you are not entirely sure of, the extended hassle-free return period for purchases made on the card could turn out to be quite useful.

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