Gap Credit Card | Facts That Might Surprise You

The Gap credit card is a co-marked Visa given by Synchrony Bank (once in the past GE Capital). It gives you a chance to gain exceptional prizes at Gap and its accomplice stores. Since it’s a Visa, you can utilize the card at Gap and every single other store that acknowledge Visa. In case you’re thinking about applying for the Gap Visa, this is what you have to know.

The Gap Credit Card from Synchrony Bank is extraordinary for gaining your limits on Gap store buys and very little else. We don’t suggest utilizing this card as an essential ordinary Visa because many better alternatives exist. In case you’re looking to just open a solitary new Visa account, you should pick a level rate money back charge card over the Credit Card. On the other hand, since the Gap Credit Card doesn’t accompany a yearly charge, you can generally get this as an optional card to be utilized at whatever point shopping with Gap.

Things You Must Know About Gap Credit Card

The Gap Credit Card grants five points for every dollar at whatever point you shop at Gap Inc. brand stores. Stores included under this classification incorporate Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. Buys at all different stores will acquire only one point for each dollar. All these reward focuses can be exchanged for vouchers that you can use at Gap. For each 500, you win you can get a $5 compensate.

Gap Credit Card Details 

  • Join Bonus- 20% off and free delivering on your first Gap buy.
  • Prizes Rate- 5% on Gap buys, 1% on all others. 
  • Progressing APR – 28.24%
  • Late Payment Fee – Up to $39.
  • Outside Transaction Fee – 3% of every exchange.

Procuring Points and Rewards

With the Gap Visa, you win five points for each dollar you spend at Gap and its accomplice stores (Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City) and one point for every dollar on every other buy.

Cardholders get intermittent ideas to acquire additional focuses, 10% limits, exceptional investment funds on birthday events, access to extraordinary occasions with select limits. 

When you gain 5,000 extra focuses in a schedule year, your record can be moved up to Silver status. You’d need to burn through $1,000 on (non-reward) Gap buys to arrive at Silver status. Advantages of Silver status incorporate free web-based sending on all buys, 20% quarterly reward, 15% rebate on a day that you pick, triple focuses on select days, and free essential modifications on the Banana Republic buys. You’ll need to keep procuring 5,000 each schedule year on your card to keep up Silver status. 

For certain individuals, that is a great deal of charge card shopping, except if the Gap Visa happens to be your principle Visa. 

Recovering Rewards

When you gather 500, you win a $5 compensate. Even though this is a Visa, you can just reclaim your prizes at Gap, yet you can consolidate various rewards or join with most different deals and coupons for a more profound markdown.

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Gap Silver Status

If you can figure out how to acquire 5,000 points in a single schedule year, you’ll accomplish Gap silver status, which gives you access to much more advantages, including:

  • A 20% quarterly rewards reward.
  • Pick your deal day.
  • Free internet shipping with no base buy.
  • Free essential changes on the Banana Republic buys.
  • Unique silver cardmember occasions.

However, remember that the extra rewards direct you win don’t tally to silver status. You’ll arrive if you burn through $1,000 at Gap brand stores, $5,000 on non-Gap buys, or a blend of the two. 

The Prizes Can be Utilized Distinctly Inside the Brand

On and off chance that your objective is principally to acquire limits on future Gap-brand buys, this card can convey. For each $100 you spend on the card at a passing store, you’ll procure enough for a $5 markdown whenever you shop there. 

In any case, if it’s increasingly adaptable prizes you’re after —for example, money back or explanation credits that you can put toward any sort of procurement — a universally useful prizes card is a superior decision.

You’ll Get Huge Limits

The GAP Credit Card has continuous prizes that are pleasant. However, its limits might be much increasingly significant. First off, you can spare 20% and obstacle-free delivering on your first buy at Gap or Gap Factory stores with card, make the buy inside 30 days of opening your record.

The card additionally offers an extra 10% off each time you shop at Gap and Gap Factory stores. Stacked with the card’s current rewards, that could indicate some genuine investment funds on apparel.

Stay Away On the Off Chance That You Intend to Convey an Equalization

The progressing APR is 28.24% Variable. So regardless of whether you set aside a heap of cash utilizing the arrangements and limits offered by the Gap Visa® Credit Card, ensure you can cover your parity consistently. Something else, the outsize loan fee makes certain to discredit your underlying limits.

If you have a great deal of apparel shopping to do, you may be in an ideal situation with a general charge card that accompanies a 0% introductory APR offer on buys.

Other Features:-

  • Free internet shipping.
  • A Free 3-multi day shipping (Silver).
  • Free essential Banana Republic modification (Silver).
  • Birthday present.
  • Gap Visa’s Additional Fees.
  • Loan APR – 29.24%.
  • Loan Fee – Either $10 or 4% of the sum.

This card has no punishment APR, returned installment charge, or over-limit expenses.


To summarize, in case you’re an ardent Gap customer or appreciate shopping over the Gap group of stores, this Gap Credit card will probably gain a prized spot in your wallet. You gain enough indicates accomplish Gap Silver status and get the additional advantages alongside it. In case you’re searching for a Visa that is progressively adaptable with its profit procedure, this isn’t the card for you. It’s likewise not for you on the off chance that you’d incline toward remunerations that you can use any place you need. 

Ultimately, in case you’re searching for an increasingly adaptable card identified with movement compensates, these aren’t the cards for you. You have better choices out there!

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