List of 5 Best Credit Cards for No Credit in 2019


It is a strict process to get approval for a credit card with no credit, but it’s not impossible. Having no credit history or bad credit history is a significant barrier while getting approval for credit cards. But it’s pretty common to get a credit card with no credit.

The list below contains the information about the top 5 best cards with no credit. This list is part of this article through research and ranks them. Ranking is according to various aspects such as cash rewards, annual fees, no credit check, cash rewards for students, etc.

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Best Credit Cards for no Credit

Here is the list of 5 most suitable credit cards for no credit in 2019 are as follows.

Capital One Quicksilver One

Capital One Quicksilver one allows you to start with low credit. Credit limit increase will automatically be held into consideration once you make five initial monthly payments on time and therefore, increasing your credibility. The other factor that makes it to the list is the cashback rewards. The card pays a cashback reward of 1.5% on all the purchases that you make through the Quicksilver one from capital one.

This card pays a flat of 1.5% cashback rewards on your purchases. Other factors make QuicksilverOne from Capital One interesting such as it provides insurance which covers auto rentals, travel accidents. It also provides extended warranty for things you purchase on your card and some other MasterCard benefits with it.

Visit: Capital One Quicksilver One

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Capital One Platinum

This card is famous for having a reputation for approval of customers who are just beginning or are at the initial stage of their credit. The only thing you should have is an income before applying for Capital One Platinum. As most of the cards, the limit increase will be considered after you make the initial 5 monthly payments on time. Due to these features, Capital One Platinum makes it to our list.

Since Capital One Platinum approves the cards for customers who have weak credit, the website of capital one has many reviews from customers whose cards were approved despite having no credit history.

Visit: Capital One Platinum

Opensky Secured Visa

The Opensky Secured Visa doesn’t check your credit before approving your card. Here, this means that you can be approved irrespective of the kind of credit. Many secured credit card issuers have made it mandatory to use a bank account while paying for a security deposit. But this is not the case with Opensky Secured Visa. Here you can use Visa or MasterCard debit card to pay the security deposit which is around $200 to $3000.

You can increase the credit limit by just requesting after your account is open. Opensky may charge an additional fee. You can develop good credit by keeping a reasonable credit card balance and by making your payments on time. These are some of the various factors that is evidently helpful for Opensky Secured Visa to make it tour list.

Visit: Opensky Secured Visa

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Discover it, Student Cashback Credit Cards

You get 5% cashback reward by Discover it student cashback cards on purchases. Categorization of these purchases takes place each quarter and 1% back on everything else. You need to enroll before the beginning of the quarter to enjoy the bonuses provided by the card.

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You require to make sure your card stays active and in good standing at the end of your first year. Thus Discover can match all the cashback rewards you’ve earned at the first year’s end. If you keep your GPA at least 3.0, you can also earn cashback bonus of $30 in each school year for the next 5 years.

Student credit cards are an excellent option for those with no credit. There might be a requirement for proof of enrollment before approving your credit card. This is the reason you need to make sure you’re a student before applying for a credit card. These factors lead to discovering its student cashback credit cards on our list.

Visit: Discover it, Student Cashback Credit Cards

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Student’s Deserve EDU MasterCard

The Deserve Edu MasterCard is great for immigrants. It is also great for those permanent residents who don’t have a social security number (you don’t require one for approval). You only need proof of a passport ID, balance of US bank account, and student visa. The Student’s Deserve Edu MasterCard would pay 1% cashback on all the purchases you make on the credit card, once you get approval. The provision of up to $5000 of credit limit is there for students. These features helped deserve EDU MasterCard for students to make it to our list.

You may become eligible for the Deserve Pro MasterCard after using the Deserve Edu MasterCard properly, reasonably and wisely. 3% cashback on travel is paid by this upgrade and entertainment. 2% cash back on restaurants, and 1% cashback on all other purchases.

Visit: Student’s Deserve EDU MasterCard

So, this was the list of 5 best credit cards that requires no credit in 2019. We hope you find this informative and useful.

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