6 Best Lite Apps for Android to Save Space

Social media and the online games are the only trends we talk about, these being the top apps followed by the shopping, editing and photography have always been on the most downloaded list. But with the limited memory space issues with our smartphones, we frequently come across a dilemma of choosing among the apps of our preference!

Another new concept of Lite apps has come into the market. These are the free or stripped-down versions of the original apps offering deeper functionality at lower memory consumption, which uses the space of less than one megabyte!

These Lite versions were originally designed to work on 2G networks for areas with limited internet connectivity, adding up to one more feature that these can be used with slower networks and on low-end smartphones with lesser battery capacities and memory storage.

If your phone’s storage is filling up with your favorite apps and slowing it down, then you must switch to the lite versions of those applications. Almost every popular Android app comes in the Lite version, whether it be Facebook, Google Chrome, Gmail, Messenger, or anything else. You can download and run all of them on your smartphones and save your storage space and battery consumption.

6 Android Apps to Save Space

Here’s a list of some of the best Lite Android apps that you can use


With around 2.41 million users per month, the release of the Facebook Lite app is really a relief! Though there isn’t much of a difference in the features on the Facebook Lite and the original app, in terms of memory usage, RAM consumption, and crashes, there’s a lot of difference. Most importantly, the Lite app is suitable for the majority of smartphones, unlike the original one.

Moreover, the Lite app uses up just 855 kb which, when compared to the original app, which takes 117 MB of space, is really a great difference.

The main advantage of it being the lesser consumption of storage space, but additionally, it uses less battery as well, along with the reduced number of crashes.

So, it can be said that the Lite app has won this, and it can be considered to be a better option than the old lagging Facebook.


Connecting with friends and sharing our activities is something that we all enjoy doing. But when it takes up a large space in the phone memory, then it becomes a problem for us. But with the help of Messenger Lite, we can still do that same thing, though the features are a bit different from the original one, like the feature of sending animations, GIFs and stickers are not available in the Lite version of the messenger app, but if you’re okay with some lesser features, then you can undoubtedly go for the Lite version of the Messenger application.

The Facebook Messenger takes up about 199 MB storage, whereas the Messenger Lite takes up only 25 MB, which seems to be a good bargain if you’re not much into using the additional features offered by the Facebook Messenger.


An update to all the world’s happenings can be just under one roof, called twitter. Another application that eats up your data and phone storage is Twitter, but the LIte version is comparatively better in this race of storage. Twitter Lite should not be confused with a traditional app or a mobile site. It functions with a new technology called the PWA (Progressive Web Apps), which has almost the same functions as that of the original one.

As an additional feature, it also gives an offline mode feature and a data saver mode, where the images will not load by default. Instead, you’ll have to tap on them to do so.


Having a skype app on our phone leads to high data and battery usage, but to resolve this problem, the Skype Lite app is a good substitute as it has been designed to function on networks with lower bandwidths such as for a 2G network.

Moreover, it comes in with all the video calling as well as voice calling features only with a storage requirement of 13 MB.


Opera Mini is designed as the lighter version of the Opera Browser, for the navigation of the internet in regions with lower network stability with narrower bandwidths. You are coming up with some additional features, as you can now save an entire web page from being viewed offline, etc.

In the data-saver mode, you are provided with various features such as disabling high-quality images, limiting optimizing videos and downloading larger files only over a wi-fi connection, and much more!


Not happy with the built-in camera app? Most of us prefer to use a third-party camera app for enhanced performance and better quality of pictures and videos. But the problem arises when that app consumes large spaces in our storage.

Another application called the Camera 360 Lite can be used in place of such apps; it comes with a free, fully-featured beauty camera for Android phones.

The best part is that the Lite version of this app is available only with a space requirement of less than four MB. Alongside this, the application has an HD camera making it faster to use and giving out better images and editing features.

The increase of Lite apps being developed by important players in the app industry is a clear identifier that this is a growing field with the potential to become a key factor in successfully accessing emerging markets.

Are you fed up with your phone displaying low storage? You can use these applications in place of their original versions to resolve this problem.

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